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Analyse the Game plz

  • #1

    this is a 10 min game, I won on time .....

    but was I actually winning ?

    plz point out my mistakes ......


  • #2

    I searched and the opening is called
    "Sicilian Defense - Nimzowitsch Variation - Closed Variation"

    Who gave these moves these names ?

    Can I assume that Nimzowitch was the first guy to play 2. Nf6 ?

    Black opted for sicilian defense on move 1, then black opted for nimzowitch variation on move 2, then white opted for closed variation on move 3, Is that right ???

  • #3

    4...c4 loses a pawn for no compensation.

    6. Bb5+ Bd7 7. Bxd7 Nfxd7 8. e5 offers Black very little counterplay and less space in the center.

    18. b3 weakens the c pawn.

    22. Re3 Bg7 (intending Bh6 winning the c pawn) 23. Ng5 (23. Nh5 Bf5) 23...Bh6 24. h5 Bxg5 White defended his weakness at the cost of creating another one.

    36...Nb5 37. Nc6 Nxd4 38. Bd3 Bf8 looks a lot better then 36...Ne4, which leaves the e pawn indefensible. The endgame is tough.

  • #4

    I forgot to mention 41. g4+ Kf6 45. g5+ Bxg5 46. fxg5. After 41. Nf7 Bf8 42. Ng5 h6 42. Nxe4 g5 avoids mate.


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