Can white win this game?

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    I made a bad mistake in last move, and the game drawn by agreement!


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    After 49.Rxf6, the position is a book draw.

    This of course does not mean white should give up trying to win: the position is full of pitholes.

    For example, after 51...Kg8, tablebases inform us that white wins (in many moves) after 52.Rf5, and this is the only move to win.

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    I didn't see that win of a rook, but if I had seen it, as I didn't play as well as you did in the whole game, I would have offered a draw...Anyway, it's done !

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    Thanks Panayotis.

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    @ Franky:

    Thanks for your good sportsmanship.

    But What if Black checkes permanently in your analysis instead of 57. ... Rxh6

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    In your line, you're going the wrong way with your king. You should find a way to move your king up and block the checks with your rook, something like:

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    Look the first diagram, the blue lines after move 54.kf5. It will be something like that!

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    I think you could have won but it's true that your line makes me doubt...My chess software can't play the endgames so it won't tell me what's the result ( it loses against me on any king and pawn endgames ). We should find someone who knows better to explain to us...

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    For an abbreviated, but quite consistent theoretical coverage of the endgame of rooks with a+c (or f+h) pawns, you should consult the Keres classic "practical chess endings".

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    IM pfren

    Thanks. I should read more! 

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    You gave all position was nice!

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    Hello Mehran,

    The answer is easy, if I'm white and you black, then yes, white wins. If I'm black, then no.

    I hope that helps :)

    btw, good games. You have been improving your game very fast, good job.

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    Hi Ademius

    Thanks. I'll use your Advice!

    I think Now I can win with white against you! :-)

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