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caro-kann vs blundermania

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    Irregular opening , and a mess too. but fun. :D

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    Please tell me this was bullet. And you were both drunk.

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    I have to agree that this was most likely to be a bullet game.

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    Yes, each of us had 5 minutes

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    veteranmate wrote:

    Yes, each of us had 5 minutes

    I play better than that in bullet (without having played it extensively)...

    5 min is blitz. How much time did you really use ? (because if you play in blitz as fast as bullet, you're kind of missing the point)

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    Out of 5 minutes, i had over 2 minutes left
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    Sounds like a reasonable use of your time, being given there could have been an endgame.

    What can I say...? Practice, don't play the same piece twice in the opening without necessity, don't play pawn moves that leave holes, etc.


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