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Central Florida Class Championship Round 2

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    Here is my round two game. Video commentary below


    Comments needed. 

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    11....Re7 was a pretty awkward looking rook move.  You need a plan for an upcoming a5 from black.  Your knight doesn't have the nicest squares to go to in that event.  So you should give serious consideration to 12.a4 to simply stop it.  You make your king less safe but black has a ton of weaknesses and his development isn't complete.

    14....Nd4.  You've won a pawn but your position looks uncomfortable and your knight on a4 is badly placed.

    17. it looks like you can play Qxb6 and come out at least a pawn ahead.  I haven't looked too deeply into it though.

    25.Qc2, I don't know what is best.  Black is threatening 26...b5 and this doesn't stop it.

    32. Qd3, I like this, getting out of the pin and threatening Qd8+.

    36. Rd2, You've done a good job fending off the threats and now you are up two pawns but with an airy queenside.  You have a nice knight though so some good technique here should win the game.  Rd2 doesn't look like it doest much.  I was thinking f4 but Re4 causes problems.  Maybe just Re1.

    37.a4.  I'm not sure you can push this pawn with the heavy pieces still on. 

    39.Qb1, strange spot for the queen.  I prefer Qd3.

    47.Kb1, you've done a nice job pushing him backwards.  A5 or g5 maybe.

    Not sure how the game ended.  I guess a time loss.   Your king is in a funky spot but I don't see an immediate loss.

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    Thanks for comments. I did not see these for awhile. Bonesey... I was going over this game with someone and they agreed that 37.a4 is a little risky with Queen and rook on the board. His dark squared bishop caused me problems later. 


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