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colle game advice

  • #1

    I played today this game and I thing I managed to have a very good game after the opening but I choice an erroneous plan and I lost.So I want to hear some advices about a plan and move especially after the 17 (or outsource earlier) that I thing I played wrong.Fritz says 16 or 17 c5 and I thing white is must better or maybe 17.Qe1 or Qe2.Any suggestions?


  • #2

    cxd5 seems like a mistake as it releases his weakness on e6 and any advantage you

    have in the center.

  • #3

    Yes for sure,maybe Qe1 must be better.

  • #4

    Maybe Qe2 or Rc2 with the idea of doubling rooks on the efile.


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