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Commercial Chess League of New York

  • #1

    Long victory that the guy was upset about. Told me he shouldn't be losing like this. I thought I played fine. He was okay guy. Just seemed he was putting himself down too much there at the end.

  • #2

    I think c4 killed him.

  • #3

    Maybe having a name like "Don't" leaves him susceptible to low self-esteem.

  • #4

    @KuzmickiMarek, move 30 or 33? I assume 30.

  • #5

    Yes, 30. c4. If he could wait and trade bishop for knight it would be draw. He took his chances, but it was too optymistic at that moment.

  • #6

    Ya I didn't get his name. Since it's not a USCF tournament, I don't care as much to ask.

  • #7

    Name was Steve Mitlitzky. 1879 rating. Life member. Guess I can see why he was upset with himself. If he's played for so long and losing to some 24 year old who's only played for 5 years haha.


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