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Crazy French

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    15. Qg6+ mate in two

    16. Nxe6, Black can still wiggle with 16...Nf5 17. Qg6+ Kh8, but the queen is a lot of material.

    20. Qf7#

    28. Qh8+ once the rook is captured the bishop is attacked in a manner that prevents trouble.

    There was no reason for 37...Rxe2 any reasonable bishop move still wins a rook.

    45...axb4 looks like a draw, the unconnected passed pawns protect themselves just as well as the connected ones and the connected pawns cannot make progress on their own. 46. Kc2 d4 is the line that I am talking about. 47. Kd3 b3 48. Kd2 d3 49. Kc1 Kg7 and neither side can make progress.

    Are you posting these for any purpose? I seem to be the only one that bothers to comment.

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    33...Nh4+ 34. Kg3 Be5+ 35. f4 Qxf4+ 36. Kxh4 Bf6+37. Kh5 Qg5# is better then 36...Re4.

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    In the first game, 47. g8=Q# wins the game outright.

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