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    There are so many posts asking the question 'what is better'. 

    I beleive a WIKI is needed to support a functionality chart of SPECIFIC features, filetypes, and companies that produce the software. 

    This will clear the air on the differences between and overlaping features. 

    This will also clear the air on the different 'names' the software companies give for the same functions.  'opening books' vs 'trees'

    And clear the air on filetypes, functions, support, and compatibility.  CTG vs PGN vs sg3

    Because of overlapping features and unneeded features there is always much debate. 


    3 Wiki's for Common Posts and Forum Questions:

    "Which is better..."

    1.  ChessBase vs Chess Assistant vs SCID vs  Aquarium vs Chessbase light vs chess assistant demo; 

    2.  Fritz vs Arena vs Chessmaster vs Chessking;

    3.  Stockfish vs Crafty vs Fritz vs Rybka vs 'Deep' vs Free;

    4.  Ct-art vs chess mentor vs name your chess trainer.



    Proposed sections;  Chess engines supported, DB functions supported, Training functions supported, analysis functions supported, etc. 

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