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Draw against Stockfish 2.0.1 !

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    I have heavily annotated my game against stockfish. The game was played under the following conditions - 
    1. Blitz time control for Stockfish
    2. Classical time control for me. I move the pieces and think on the board. 
    3. No move was checked with another engine. I did not use any engine or other help to play my moves. I have provided  explanations and described the thought process behind every move that I made. 
    Please feel free to engine check the moves. Let me know what you guys think. This is probably the best game I have ever played. 
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    Cool!! ;)

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    thanks it was very instructive! what's your elo?

    (i can't see your games and rating)


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    Hi MDTR, 

    Thanks a lot. I am glad that you found it instructive. I don't have an elo. I am a chess fan and a decent chess player. I am really interested in learning chess. However, I haven't found enough time to study it in depth. I am going to try my best and hopefully within the next two years, study chess enough to participate in tournaments. 


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