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Drawn Game.Opinions please

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    -What would have you done differently here?

    -Do you notice something wrong?
    -Any comments on 7.Be3?

    Keep in mind that its my 2nd-3rd game playing KIA and that i like to 'experiment' with closed positions.

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    on move 10 I would have played 10.Ng5 with the idea of playing f3 or f4 next.

    move 13. f3 again with the idea playing f4

    move 21. Nb6, with the idea of Ke2,d2,c2,b3,a4 its a long way

    i hope this helps a bit.

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    7) seems fine, the other option is the somewhat meaningless pin on the knight, both develop the piece.  Nc3 is possible as well.  I cant see that any is much better than another.

    12) I would not have taken that bishop yet.  I prefer the pressure of having the knight in deep to the exchange.  

    I probably would have tried 13) Nc4 first. 

    I may have tried 15) RxN, QxB, etc.  I make no claim that it is any better,  but I probably would have done it that way, its a free rook lift and maybe can find a way to battery.

    after all the exchanges its tough.  You have to manuver looking to get a pawn advantage... and that requires either a mistake or getting ahead of the other guy with your king, or something, maybe sac a piece for 2 pawns somehow.  Its drawish, made worse by each pawn move after 20.  Had one side been more bold with its pawns, willing to risk going for the win, it could have played out for one or the other side.

    Anyway I see nothing terrible here, biggest thing are pointless trades that do not provide either side with any advantage, which of course leads to draws...

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    The pawn sacrifice 16. Bd5 was an interesting alternative.

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    Thank you for your comments guys.I ll take a closer look on the ideas soon!

    @Jonnin:Most crucial mistake i think it was that i expected him to give a specific answer. 13 .. h6 instead of 13..Ng4(a move that i didnt even consider). After that i was planning to play f4 opening the file.Pilling up there,probly a rook lift or something like that.

    In a sense,it wasnt pointless trades.It was a misscalculation and i m really glad you pointed that out as i really need to stop doin that (did it 3 times here :P).

    Sacing a piece for 2 pawns was an idea i had 2,but i couldnt find any good continuation and was really afraid of it.

    @humans1981:The idea after 21..Nb6 is a good one!But when i thought about it during the game was 2 late for that.

    At my lvl (1300ish standar chess(30|0)) there are not many chances to play a closed game as ppl tend to grab everything you throw in their face.So i was somehow addicted to the idea of locking the game and playing for that small Knight advantage.

    Gotta control my emotions better and be watching for more alternatives and answers that i could possibly miss.

    Once again,thank you for your time and answers!

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    "bishops of the same color indicates that exchanging Knights is not good for any of us" : huh ? It has to be good for either layer, or neutral, but it can't possibly be bad for both ! Your suggested 28...b6 would finish the entombing of his bishop (in same-colored bishops endgame, the pawns should in 99% of the cases go on the color opposite to the bishop). It seems to me that despite that problem, Black can blockade the position after the knight trade. (and he did, but with some help...)


    32.h4 ? is indeed a pointless move - 32...gxh4 is on check so it (temporarily) wins a pawn. But it's still a draw.

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    You were focused on his "weak" Knight on c6 (it doesn't look weak to me).  In my view you should've been much more focused on your good Bishop vs. his bad Bishop.  Instead you allowed the position to get completely locked up making your very good Bishop absolutely useless.

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    13.Bg5 is pointless.  Anything but this.  a4, h3, Nc4 I would consider before this  move.

    20.Kxf1, this position is most likely drawn but  you have tries in here.

    22.g4 taking space is a good move.

    26. Nb6, I disagree with your analysis here. I would play Kf3 and in your line after Nb6+, then Ke4 and you have made real progress.  Opening the center just gives black an isolated pawn, something for you to work on.  The pawn on c5 gets a little weaker as well.

    If the knights come off, it looks very drawish even though your bishop is better.

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    you set up for huge exchanges,try not to do that unless you want a draw


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