Epic and Epic Fail!


Here is a nice game... never had this in a while. Epic game.


First game we played he beat me. Also this was a 3 min game.

Now here comes an Epic Fail. This game was turn-based.


I was winning...so sad... when the Queen suprised me...more sadder is I have all the time in the world to decide and I chose the wrong one
So if anyone could or would like to analyse these games that would be great!
Also if you want to join an Epic Group join (Hidden) Masters At Work!
Already #458 on vote chess leaderboard after the first 4 (all games) won
Hoping to have the same record with team match chess.
Thanks TKP,
(there's some glitch for some reason after I put up a position or game it automatically centralized what I'm typing like right now and I don't know how to put it back to normal)