Failed R vs B advantage

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    Hey everyone,

    Sadly I didn't manage to carry out R vs B advantage and now I am seeking your advice.

    If you have some time I ask you to look for some strong moves or mistakes.

    PS. I got advantage at 19-20 moves.

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    I think 46. Rb5 wins, for example:

    46. Rb5 Kxh2 47. Kf2 (threatening mate) h4 48. gxh4

    This would be the position:


















    Maybe someone with better endgame skill can confirm this?

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    Well, 13. Bxf7 simply wins, because after 13...Rxb4 14.Be6! gets the piece. On move 42, you played 43.Rb3+, which allows the king to your pawns. Instead, why not attack the pawns with your king? 42. Ke5, 43. Kf6, 44.Kg5 should win the pawn and the game.

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    Yes, actually at least two huge blunders I made. Didn't make the 11.Bg5# mate and didn't win a rook by 36.Rd2+ ...

    Thank you for the analysis though, I will try to concentrate more during the games and to practice more problems. Could you also have a look at the endgame postion? Looked like a draw to me.

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    Thank you jerry2468,

    13.Bxf7 is also a nice move, shame i didn't notice it. 

    Speaking about endgame I think I kind of paniced :) 

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    The ending position should be pretty easy to win after 46: Rb5! Kxh2 47: Kf4! (Kf2 h4! 48: gxh4 g3+! is slightly unclear, but still winning for white) 47: ... Ba8 48: Rxh5+ Kg2 49: Rg5! should easily win (49: Kxg4?? Bf3+ with a draw) should eas

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    OK just for the endgame: 

    Winning that endgame is very simple:

    Double up on a pawn. Sac the rook. Win. Make sure your king is active. The other line may not be working. I got nothing more than a draw.

    42. Ke5 (42. Rb3+ Kf2 43. Rb2+ Kg1 44. Kd4 Bc6 45. Ke3 Bg2 46. Rb5 Kxh2 47. Kf2

    h4 48. gxh4 g3+ 49. Ke1 (Should be 49.Ke3 and it does win.) Be4 50. Rb2+ g2 51. h5 Kh1 52. Rxg2 Kxg2) 42... Kf3 43.

    Kf6 Be8 44. Kg5 Bf7 45. Rb7 Be8 46. Re7 Bc6 47. Rh7 Be8 48. Rxh5 Bxh5 49. Kxh5

    Kg2 50. Kxg4 Kxh2 51. Kh4 *

    I think the right line from temp-ddg may be Kf4 and not Kf2! Black can't give a pawn check and the pawns fall.
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    Had to find a chess-set at home, after that i moved some pieces and I can state that you are totally right, white wins this position. 

    Thank everyone for the comments and anylysis.

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    by the way, how about...

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    Yes I just noticed all the lines are still winning. I don't suggest making it so difficult though. In time trouble you could easily mess something up, where as walking up to the h-pawn with the king can barely go wrong.

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