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Game 1 in the Akron chess club championship

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    16...h5-h4-h3 might be possible.  The opening looks like Grand Prix attack of sicilian with colors reversed.

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    I was trying for grand prix reversed.

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    I think if I trade Q on c3, I should be able to hold. what about 13...Bh3 instead of Bf3?

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    I think I'd take the pawn on f4 instead of letting him take then pivot knights in earlier. After that exchange your position was pretty hard to defend. Just wondering, why 3... Bb4? Good chance to develop a knight instead while you wait to figure out where the bishop is going and you don't lose tempo/the bishop pair when you have to exchange it. I'm not really familiar with that line so maybe I'm talking out my butt tongue.png

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    I played Bb4 because that's what a friend has played against me. Not really sure if that's correct or not.

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    I didn't move 12...exf4 because I didn't want him to take with N (13.Nxf4) . not sure if that's what you meant

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    17.....Rf5 would have threatened ....Nxh2 immediately (Kxh2 Rh5 Kg1 Rh1#)

    your opponent could easily have overlooked this.

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    17...exd4? not good and you open line for white. You have an attack.

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    I like 17...Rf5  during the game,  i was thinking of ways to bring more pieces to the attack.  Unfortunately i didn't see that.

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    I was looking at this last night Todd. I think 17... Rf5 let's him get in 18. h4. I think 17...Nxh2 then Rf5 would be better.

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    white missed 35 e2 x e7

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    knedryn is right. 

    17...Nxh2 does work

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    @flanners-sorry, I made a mistake it should have been 32.Re2 Rxe2 33.Re2 Rd8 34.Kg2 Kg6 35.g4 Ra8.

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    I knew I could count on you Keith! The main reason I played this line is you've crushed me a lot with this.

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    my second round I had a bye, so the TD managed to find me a game against a 1700 rated player and I was going toe to toe with him. Before my last move we both had Q, R, 5 pawns, very drawish pawn structure. My 4th round is the one that will haunt me for a while. I resigned with the advantage.😡😡😡

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    I'll send the game pgn to Glory of Chess for ya V

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    14. ... Bxe2 15. Rxe2 Nd4 will also give black a clear advantage.

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