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Game Analysis | First loss to sub 1900 competition

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    Ok I've never done this before because quite frankly ive never required help. I'm wondering if someone can try and help deduce where I went wrong during this match. I believe that I played a poor opening, but my counterattack was strong enough to conquer this match.... alas i was defeated.
    please someone cun and help me plz. I need someones help. please


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    Reason: isn't it obvious? you are supposed to have exactly 42 moves. its the answer to everything. lol

    this IS a joke right?

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    also you write code? so do i

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    Your opening was great and your middlegame technique superb.Your only mistake was trying to play chess.Try anti-chess next time.You are really talented at it.

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    I don't know. All your moves were perfect. Chess must simply be a flawed and oppressive system.

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    @xartesit03 what kinda of "code" do you think you're capable of writing?


    and the rest of you are fools please refrain from commenting in my thread any longer.

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    JS and P5JS I looked into C but didnt like it. I am also looking into JAVA

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     Yet another pinnacle of chess humor.

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    xartesit03 wrote:

    also you write code? so do i

    I write words.

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    @xartesit03 lol i highly highly doubt you write P5JS lol!!!! and Java is an antiquated language for fools so I will contest that you may have written a "Hello World" program within java... LOL LOL


    Give me an example of code you've actually written in P5JS because I highly doubt it. I've used that language for a government contract I completed.... so I'd like to prove you wrong my dear friend

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    I do P5JS for both online and offline. the online syntax is different from the offline but here: I made some games using it and published it to Khanacademy. Im yet to make anything I find worth selling tho https://www.khanacademy.org/profile/CodingKing03/projects

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    this is my final online release, then i will start offline games and sell them https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/wip-adventure-v05/5550010153500672

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    @xartesit03 can I be frank? These are terrible. Honestly, these games aren't even funny. If Sal Kahn was alive he would roll over in his grave. DId you even write this code or plagiarize? Like I said I used P5JS on a government contract so it was A LOT more complex than the crud you use it for. I wouldn't even consider you a programmer until you've procured a government contract.

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    First: Sal Khan is DEFINITELY alive. Second I would like to see anything you have made with P5JS and do tell me how my top class WIP adventure city is terrible? No I did not plagiarize that code is 100% mine so don't think about copying it. Honestly you sound like a fraud who talks SHI* WITH NOTHING TO BACK IT UP. So please, until YOU bring some evidence to the table consider I have done this and I am 14 Years old and lets see what you have done in your what? 50 years? Probably never got married. Yes let us see YOUR code.

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    Shots fired. This is definitely not Logan.

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    LHK_nikki wrote:

    Shots fired. This is definitely not Logan.

    This is probably the real Logan, he was playing a character on OGK.

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    Could be. If so I really like OGK compared to this dude d

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    Hey eGeniusBoy lots of people WriteCod. :>}

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      @Nilocra_the_White oh do lots of u pleebs "Write Code" lmfao!!! WHat language do you write in sweetheart.... honestly humor me... what code do you THINK you know

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    See @JunyJuneBug this is definitely not Logan. He doesn't even talk the same

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