Great Game, Please help!- Need analyzing - Strong opponent

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    Hey I played this game today, i need someone to analyze my game, tell me where i can improve, where i made my mistakes ...etc. Please feel free to give me criticism on my game, after all im trying my best to learn as much as i can from all of you. The player i played was rated 1720. I felt that this game was well played on my side of the board. I played the black peices. PLease let me know what you think. :) Enjoy 

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    Oh I made a mistake, i played the black peices! 

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    You won. No analysis needed, hehe.

    Looks like you played pretty good. You say he was a strong opponent? His game looked very weak to me. He was sacrificing alot throughout the game, just to end up with his king cornered behind a wall of pawns.

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    Yea... I don't see how he got to 1720 with that playing style. Nice game on your part.

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    Talking about some breathing space for the his black king,,

    nice game JKO.well played

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    white played a poor game....not much else to say really

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    a 1720 rated person who plays Qf3 on move 2?  i wonder about that.

    i didn't like you4 3... f6 nor your 4... Qe7.  f6 weakens your white squares immensly and telegrphs that you are castling on the queenside while stifling your development.

    of course, your oponent started botching things rather quickly, so that really wasnt a factor.

    good game.

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