Hey i need help analyzing, 1500 vs 1680

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    Hey, I played this game in chessclub tonight. I played the white peices. and i was wondering if i could get some help analyzing it. I felt like i should have won this game, but i played too carefully. Please let me know how i did, want to improve my game. Thanks alot, and hopefully we wont find too many errors...Enjoy :) 

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    Slick game, very enjoyable to watch.

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    Thanks :) 

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    7.Qd2 gives black a chance to equalize, in my opinion:


    7...Ng4  8.Bg5 h6  9.Bh4 Nc6  10.Nb3 Be6!  =

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    The opening is near flawless, my only personal preference would be 9...ng4 to deal with the dark bishop, but that is a style choice.  But unless I missed a tactical shot, move 12 definitely should have been bxe4, because you had rxc4 afterwards.  If bxf7, then i think rxf7 would have been fine for black, because white's attack was dulled when he castled kingside, but this is all stipulation.  Dry middle games and endgames are far from my specialty, so i'll leave that to others.  I did this per request, so i apologize if i offend.  I hope this is of some small help, and i apologize if rybka decides my analysis has a flaw.

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    18. exd5?

    Most certainly a positional blunder. Your already horrible bishop is now even more horrendous.

    18. Bxd5 Bxd5 19. exd5!

    And now your pawn center dominates the board with all of your opponents pieces trapped on the queenside. With the open e file and spacial advantage you surely would have had a strong kingside attack.

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    You lose the pawn on c2 by playing that sequence. 

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    I like your position at move 28 and I think you could have handled it differently...  I think you should have targetted his isolated a-pawn. You can get a textbook sort of two flank plan from there...

    the 'textbook' plan is to attack on one flank (i.e. attacking that pawn) and get him tied up defending his weak pawn, then use your superior mobility thru the center to switch to pressuring his kingside. And switch back again if you need to, but eventually, something's got to give, that's the theory anyway ;)

    Instead you targetted his backward e-pawn (not a bad idea necessarily, but it just didn't look to me like it was leading anywhere) I thought you might instead try doubling the rooks on the d file in order to lift one over to h-file, to help the queen pressure his kingside and loosen up his kingside pawns. 

    Even after the Queens came off you had some chances, but you never tried to do anything with your a and b pawn pair... that is imo the most significant feature of your position. Attack his singleton, move that pair forward. Get a passed pawn on the flank. Seems like it had potential.

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    After b5, this what I came up with. Looks like a draw, but I'm sure there are other moves that White could make.

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    After 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7, you should have played f3 (47% win) instead of Qd2 (34% win).

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    at move 51...

    you could try 51.Bc4?! dxc4 52.Kxc4 Kc7 53.b5 Bf3 54.Kb4 Bd1 55.Ka5! Kb7 56.b6...which is also a draw, i just make it on style, hehehe...

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    but seriously after move 46...Kxh6...white should do, 47.Kf4! to stop the black king to get near to the center, and black's d pawn must fall...

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    tonydal wrote:

    emceenugget: 54 Bb5 wins the pawn (without giving up White's).

    Hmm... What if Black plays 53. - Bc6? Now 54. Bb5 doesn't works. White can try 54. b7 but 54. - Bxb7 55. Bb5 Bc6 and Black wins...

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    I tend to dislike your choice for castling King-side. In my opinion, castling Queen-side would have given you a strong King-side attack. Black's Queen-side pawns didn't move yet, his queen wasn't on the Queen-side, and his rook wasn't on the half open c file, so it would take time for him to counter attack on the Queen-side. Both your bishops are pointing to the King-side, and after a Queen-side castle you could start a pawn storm breaking black's king position.

    Is there a good reason for black not to play 14...Qxb2?

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    Edit:  Just saw that I repeated chessmike's advice.  Oh well.


    You could have won the d-pawn in the ending if your king had gone to e5, keeping black's king on the sidelines.  Moning your king to center was a good plan, but moving you king to center whiile keeping black from doing the same is even better!

    47 Kf4 Kg7

    48 Ke5! Kf7

    49 Be6

    Black can't defend the pawn and you should have a won endgame.

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    Hey sorry i didnt mention this, i was playing with only a few minutes left so keep in mind that i didnt want to lose the game in those few minutes i had left. It never really hurts to be careful. 

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