Horribly played opening


I was confronted with a variation that was unfamiliar to me, so I made mistakes and wound up getting destroyed. I would like to know how I should have played against this variation. This was a Daily Chess game.



Nd5 was bad. 


One of the main benefits of playing daily chess is that you are allowed to consult databases and books. It helps you learn.

After f4, how about e5? This would take the pressure from the f night

6. ... nc6 or nbd7 are probably better. https://www.365chess.com/opening.php?m=12&n=5667&ms=e4.c5.Nf3.d6.d4.cxd4.Nxd4.Nf6.Nc3.g6.f4&ns=


I believe this line with 6.f4 used to be called the Levenfish Variation. It is a trappy line that was popular before the Yugoslav attack became so popular. You got caught in a line that's so old, it's new!  8...Nfd7 is the preferred move, but 9.e6 looks promising for White, doesn't it?  I think the best was to avouid trouble was to play 6...Nc6 before automatically playing Bg7. 

BTW: You can turn these opening disasters into valuable learning experiences if you take the time to look up the openings yourself


Yes, all of this must be on file somewhere...


Four Queen side piece are useless on their home squares! ! !