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How to make correct sacrifices

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    what are your thoughts on bishop for night exchanges ?

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    999-Pietor-999 generally the bishop is stronger than the knight but in closed positions the knight is more useful.

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    Doesn't this sacrifice resemble that of the other game which you played? Similar pawn structure, similar two-piece sacrifice combination.

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    eric0022 not similar because in the other game there is no open file and no rook in the attack


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    It's the same two-piece sacrificial combination, so it's the same. All three scenarios undermine the exactly same weak defence of the kingside.

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    yaecinn Not only was your technique throughout the game poor, your analysis was just as poor. Your sacrifice was poorly executed and you missed the chance to win a clean exchange with Nxd7 Qxd7 Be4 (if black moves the rook then Bc6). After Nxg6 hxg6 Bxg6 Nhf6 Be4+ you only get a rook and a couple pawns for two pieces. Therefore, you did not make a correct sacrifice and are not in a position to have written an article on correctly sacrificing. Get this garbage off the site, otherwise you will poison players who are weaker than you. I myself am a weak player (1750 USCF), but I do not write ridiculous posts on prominent chess topics that I am nowhere near qualified to teach someone about while giving bad explanations and potentially making someone's chess even worse.

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    To be honest, 18. Nxg6 was not a terrible move. Congratulations for seeing the possibilities that arise after the double sacrifice. In practical play, it led to the win as black quickly crumbled. However, 18. Nxg6 was not the best move. If black defended correctly - see below - it would lead to a small advantage to white. However, 18. Nxd7 was a much more clever move leading to a winning advantage to white. Sometimes the quietest moves can be the best ones. Was the sacrifice correct? I have to conclude .... not really. It wasn't the best move and only led to a quick win because of black's poor response. I admire you for playing it though. Just perhaps don't post it here as a 'correct' sacrifice. 



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