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how well these 2 players play?

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    here are my brother against my cousin xD, what do you think about that game?

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen that before...it is a game between GMs.

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    I'm pretty sure I've seen that before...it is a game between GMs.

    Gms? haha I don't think so, there are a lot of mistakes for sure

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    No GM would ever have crappy knights like that! (or for that matter play Bc4 so early against the Sicilian--that is the hallmark move of weakies who don't want to study anything against the Sicilian. Generally, I'd say there was poor positional play and a bunch of hemming and hawing with the B & Kts before finally driving home the win.

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    It seems that your cousin is stronger than your brother ^_^

    I think is a 'class B vs class A' match.

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    Drawn by agreement?

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    Scoff if you must, but I'm sticking to my guns on this.

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    GMs on LSD would never play this badly. I can believe they are kids or novices. Just looking at the first 10 moves is torture.

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    Oh yeah?  Well, I'll bet you're really from Kansas City, Kansas!

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    I'm not even from Kansas City. I just live here.

    (But Ugh!! KCK. Do I look murdered?)

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    Sorry, I went all crazy-like and I just had to lash out at someone...

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    I'm not from the Boston area either, I just grew up there.

    I'm not really from anywhere.

    I guess that makes me

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    Still, on the plus side:  the wor-or-or-orld is at your command...

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    I promise to be a benevolent ruler.

    Oh, and thanks a zillion for saving CPOTM from being even more boring than dried dog crap!

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    Glad to be of service to anything warped enough to have me as a member.  Now let's just hope we're all able to withstand The Wrath of ProKnight:

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    PK is actually a kid. He has videos on Youtube of him playing piano & figure skating. But his management style leaves mulch to be desired.

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    Yeah, I know (thus am I forever kidding the kid about his homework and so forth).  But yes, his management style is rather mulchy... Smile

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    Was this thread about anything before it became used as a private message board between us? Undecided

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    you can speak every you want no problem xD

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    Boy, if only more people around here were like Morkph... Smile

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