I (1105) draw against a 1901 player!


To be perfectly honest he was very short on time near the end, but really that's no excuse if you're rated 796 points higher.

My question is: do you think the draw happened because I was playing very well for an 1105 player, or because my opponent was playing terribly for a 1901 player? I wouldn't know, as this is the first time I ever played someone with such a high rating.


you played really well congrats


i think you played way over your rating. Great job. 


I think you are underated and he is over rated. I'll estimate the rating to be you 1589 and him 1654. 


Thanks LazyChessPlayer for annotating that for me. I don't really know how to work with the diagram maker that well


Both, actually. You played quite well, but he did not perform at 1900 level either. However, "trading to reach an endgame" is a terrible idea. Only trade if it benefits your position.


I think that your opponent wanted to win with minimum effort. His opening/early middlegame looks like that. When he realised that none of the hoped-for blunders were coming the position was already too advanced for promising winning efforts.

This was certainly played by you much above a 1100 level, well done!