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I (1105) draw against a 1901 player!

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    To be perfectly honest he was very short on time near the end, but really that's no excuse if you're rated 796 points higher.

    My question is: do you think the draw happened because I was playing very well for an 1105 player, or because my opponent was playing terribly for a 1901 player? I wouldn't know, as this is the first time I ever played someone with such a high rating.

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    you played really well congrats

  • #3

    i think you played way over your rating. Great job. 

  • #4

    I think you are underated and he is over rated. I'll estimate the rating to be you 1589 and him 1654. 

  • #5

    Thanks LazyChessPlayer for annotating that for me. I don't really know how to work with the diagram maker that well

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    Both, actually. You played quite well, but he did not perform at 1900 level either. However, "trading to reach an endgame" is a terrible idea. Only trade if it benefits your position.

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    I think that your opponent wanted to win with minimum effort. His opening/early middlegame looks like that. When he realised that none of the hoped-for blunders were coming the position was already too advanced for promising winning efforts.

    This was certainly played by you much above a 1100 level, well done!


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