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I got a trophy. did I deserve it? :)

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    Okay. I played this 960 game a while back. I just started playing it. so my rating is provisional and probably lower than it should be.

    But my oppenent was so impressed with the game that he awarded me a trophy for 'strikingly strong play'.

    So my questions are:

    Was my play up to the piece-sacrifice okay?

    Was the piece-sacrifice correct. And could I have played better just after?

    And last. Could I have won the endgame we arrived at?

    In short. Did I deserve the trophy? Or did my oponent just see a lowrated player play well? :P

    P.S. I have to show the game in three stages because I couldn't castle 960 style in the analyzer.

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    Hmm. the boards are not showing? can anyone help?

    Edit: Hmm. As long as I can't make them show properly you can just copy the brackets and paste them in a reply. While you are still in the editor you should be able to see my anotations.. but it must be posible to make it show properly? How do I do that?

    edit2: found it :)

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    lol ... i was supposing you won the game  so i avoided the only one you drew. 

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    Well. I am asking if I could have won :P so I sort of already implied that I didn't win ;)

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    yep .. correct. :-P


    Gave a quick look but honestly i dont feel good enough to tell you if you could win, but i see why he wanted to award you the trophey. At some point he had huge matherial advantage ( a lot of pawn more and just 1 rock each), but in the endgame you came to equality. Thats a good achievement imho.

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    Ah.. I don't recocnize your scenario? I played black.. and I was trying to win the rook-endgame a pawn up.

    Before that I was behind by a piece for a pawn, since I sacked a knight to liberate my posistion.

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    ops.. sorry! you was black.

    Im probably a worse player than you but honestly looking at the position after move 36 i would have said that the match was won by black.


    that said, find a way to win its not easy and if you dindt made it then for sure i wouldn't too.

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    Mmm. I thought I was winning too. Which is why I would like to see some strong advice on how to improve my play in that endgame.

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    Demidjinn, your opponent gave you a trophy so he (or she) obviously thought you deserved it.  I'd say that's what matters.

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    Good for you. Others are sore lossers.

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    Well.. he didn't loose. That's one of the points.

    Is there nobody that would like to look at that endgame and comment on what other plans might, or might not, have led to a win? :) that's actually the main reason I am even posting here.

    I would also, actually, like to know how a stronger player would rate the game (hence the title). Get some feedback. To improve. That's the point.

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    SPARTANEMESIS wrote: Demidjinn, your opponent gave you a trophy so he (or she) obviously thought you deserved it.  I'd say that's what matters.
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    I agree

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    It matters to me if I actually did or didn't play a strong game.

    Look people.. If you don't have constructive analysis' and/or comments then please don't post. I am not trying to show of here. I am trying to get an evaluation of my game. With constructive critique.

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