Annotated Nimzo-Indian Game

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    Nice game and annotations!  I enjoyed going through it Smile

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    thanks, nate.  I'm pleased that you gave white's side of the tale as well, since I never know what to do against it.

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    Nice annotations, Nate. Nice game. Do you play the Nimzo much and which variations does White play most?

    Are you following any particular book or column (or ???) studying this defence?

    Love your 21st!  :-)


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    I use Chess openings for Black: Explained for most of my correspondence games. Its a "cut down on your study time" type opening book, so it suits me well.

    The Nimzo is my main weapon against 1.d4, white usually chooses 4.e3, followed by Bd3 trying to push e4.

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    I've been studying nimzo, getting my hands on any annotations :)

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    Updated the game with extra choices for white, and a few more comments on the middlegame.

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