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IQP is confusing

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    this game makes me realise i dont understand isolated pawns at all. I am white. at move 28 i got exactly the position i wanted the whole time. all my pieces aiming at the pawn and whites rook passively behind the pawn defending it instead of beeing active on the files. but still i see no way to progress. any comments is appriciated

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    Are you white or black?

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    I'm not so sure that Kh7-Bh6 plan for black wins the pawn easily - for instance after Bh6 white can play Bxh6 Kxh6 Qe3+ Qxe3 fxe3. Black still has an edge since he can take the c-file and get activity with it, but looks like white can hold.

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    im white. i will write more when i have time

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    You do understand the isolated pawn , what you don't(maybe) understand is that, sometimes an isolated pawn is not enough to give you the win.When the opponent's pieces are tied down to it's defense , you must create additional threats and weaknesses(k-side or q-side attack) to win.

    p.s Why not 28...Bxd4?

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    I see nothing wrong with 28...Bxd4. Maybe i reconstructed the game wrong because i vhecked the capture on every move
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    Vhecked = checked? 

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    Oh im not white im black! Sorry for the confusion. Im just usually white in my iqpgames
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    seeing that you got diamond, maybe these videos might help.


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    This is a very characteristic example from one of the greatest experts ever, Mikhail Botvinik . I think his position on 24th move is very similar with your position.He is also in some kind of dead end but..........

    The very nice transfer of his pieces from the d-pawn pressure to the k-side attack decided the game in white's favor.D-pawn remained on the board till the end, it was the non-weak g-pawn that fall and with it black's position.
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    That's a very nice illustration on the theme of opening a second front by Botvinnik. 25. g4! would probably never have occured to me.

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    I like this g4move! If black moves i just take the IQP. Thanks for many good tips all of you
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    g4 is a great move there, and really is a more abstract example of the two weaknesses principle. Since there is an impasse in the centre, black is tied up with protecting the IQP, so if white can find another area of activity while maintaining the central pressure he will be improving his position without much resistance.

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    That move (25.g4!) is really amazing, so difficult as a move but so simple as a thought........

    If a rookie played that move, we would all tell him to reread the basic principles Laughing

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    i guess it was just lazy thinking because this is what happend in the game. i remember with 27.Qe4 i was thinking "adding rook to attack pawn" and when he moved the rook i was thinking "adding rook to defence of pawn" and i gave no more thought to that. i didnt look close enough


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