Long Draw



Justin, that was some nice rook play in the middlegame... It just sucked that your king had to be tied down on the passed h-pawn.


Hey thanks. When are you free to play?


A very nice game! A few criticisms though, don't take it personally...(I assume you are Justin because Mudphudder called you that)

 4...Bf5 doesn't make too much sense, as white wants to play e2-e4, and this will now gain a tempo. 4...Nc6 is more natural.

 The manouver 11...Nd7-b6 is rather useless, as the knight is better on f6. Tartakower once said that a knight on QN3 is always misplaced.11...Rb8 or 11...Bd6 is better.

3. 16...c4 is definitely bad, releasing the tension and closing the queenside- the side you should be playing on! 16...d4! makes much more sense. if 17.c4?!, then black can lever open the queenside with an eventual ...b7-b5.

22...f5 is double-edged, and probably bad. Don't move the pawns in the sector your opponent is attacking; It will create weaknesses.22...g5 23.Bh6 Nh7 was better.


52... Rf5 looks like it will win.