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Looking for improvement

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    This game went terrible. I just think one move ahead. :(

    Any comments?

    Regards, Seine

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    interesting game!

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    Fischerfan10 wrote:

    Hi there. I have a few points about the game. I didn’t like 9…Qa5. I know the idea was to ease the pressure, but it’s better to continue development with 9…e6…Be7…0-0.

    As you pointed out, 19…Ke7 was an error. A better try was 19…c4 20.fe Bc5+ 21.Kh1 0-0 22.ef+ Rf7 when white has a pull.

    You criticize your 21st move…Rc6 as bad, but it is the best in the given position. It lays a trap that white did in fact walk into, capturing with the wrong piece on e6.

    Blacks last try was 29..Rg8+ 30.Kf2 Bd3 31.Bg7 Re8.

    The rest needs no comment.

    The only other piece of advice is to think more than one move ahead. Many combinations, both yours and your opponents are hidden within a position and can only be found by means of deep and accurate calculation. It is a skill that should be honed if one wishes to improve. In any case, it was a nice game.


    Thanx for the advise...

    I felt that i was earlier in trouble than the 9th move. 

    Here your advice is to prevent the exchange of Queens. But my a-pawn is hanging after exchange of the knights. I liked the position of my white bishop (Ba6), or is that overrated. 

    I was lucky that my openent was not playing at its best. Undecided

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    Maybee this is an idea. I should know this. Because i play this opening all the time. But then i play it with white. Embarassed

    Hmmm, not true. I play c4 instead of c3..... Some theory to learn there.

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    yeres30 wrote:

    After 9...e6, the a-pawn was poisoned: 10.Nxc6 Bxc6 11.Qxa7 Ra8 and the Queen is trapped.

    After 13.f4, automatic would have been 13....0-0. 

    It is - in general - unwise to start anything before complete development has been reached.



    Trapped!,  I didn't see that.... That would had safed me a lot. I have to think ahead more.

    Development..... again. some things are so simple.

    Thanks for the advise yeres.



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