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Lucky but can anyone help analyze

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    I am going to start analyzing my games, first with help from all of you and by myself, then with an engine. I got really lucky with this game and should have lost. Time control is 45/45. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    quick glance - looks like you had a super clear win with 42 Qe3.

    [edit: nah, it isn't actually super clear, Qc2+ is pretty tricky - though 42 Qg2 seems to work, just can't find a way for black to "dangerously" keep the pawns.]

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    Your opening play is like mine: suicidal. (OK, maybe not that bad. But voluntarily giving up space as white is masochistic.) After 10 moves, I think white should play against black's centre (by playing c3 as you did, harassing e5 via Nc4, or preparing the f4 break via Nf1, N1h2, Rf1, Bc1 etc) while black can play for ...f5 and kingside attack (by 11...Nh6, and then Be6, Qd7, f5 etc.)

    12. c3 doesn't feel right. It should be OK, but I'm not sure how to call it after 12. c3 dxc3 13. Bxc3 Qxd3 14. Bxe5 Be6 15. Bb2 where white has strong central presence... OK, white's better I think? Nevermind.

    14. a3 (and 15. a3) was the way to go. In such positions, ...Nb4 is usually the worst horror imaginable to face (a2, c2 and d3 are all weaknesses) and you want to put a stop to it.

    I don't know what sorcery you used, but after 26. Bd5 you're winning. It then becomes an issue of defending against black incursions into your kingside, which almost cost you half a point at least.

    31. Qg2 is a more active defence, eyeing the long diagonal for your own attacks. Black's king is weak on the back rank, and the a-file is yours; Rxa7 or Qa8+-Qd5+ are future options if a forced mate appears to you.

    32. Qg2!? is also an amusing try. 32. Qg2 Nxb3? 33. Rxb5 Nxa1?? 34. Rb8+ Rf8 35. Qd5+ Kh8 36. Rxf8#. This is why you want your queen to be able to infiltrate black's camp too, it gives opportunities to use your heavier firepower.

    And yet again, 33. Qg2!? with a similar threat as above. I really wanted to suggest alternatives for these 3 moves, but everything else just allows perpetual from black. Even strange things like 32. Rc1 or 32. Qxe5 or 33. Rxe5!? permit either ...Qxh3-Qxg4+ or ...Qe1+ with probably endless checks.

    42. Qg2 as mentioned by LoveYouSoMuch. Again. Queens love g2, yes?

    Very nice save after that, and a simple win. Lucky, yes, but you saw the given chance and took it.

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    17) no reason to let the pawn go so easily.  a3 seems to be playable at a glance.  Perhaps there is something better but letting him take it & attack rook can't be the best.

    29) if black had played Ndb8 you would be needing a new plan to attack. Where would you go if he did this?  Maybe play it here for a few moves vs the computer to see what you can do.  To me your position after that seems awkward, with black looking hard at Qh4 and your exposed king and vulnerable pawns.  I do not know where it goes from here but its worth a long look.

    rest of it seems well covered already

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    jonnin: 17. a3 Nxd3, the pawn was lost anyway. I do agree on 29...Ndb8, though. White is certainly awkward there, with ...Qh4 or ...e4 up soon. So maybe 28. Ra2, or 29...Ndb8 30. Qg2 (again!?) or something.

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    Thanks everybody. This was my first time playing the KIA, that is my my opening play was a little on the crazy side. And I played Nb4 to avoid the knight fork on my two rooks. 14.a3 would have been my best bet. 

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    I think black missed 17...b5!

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    Like i said black handed me this win. 

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    i don't know that i handed you the win, you just made less mistakes than me.  26. Bd5 was the killer.  i have noticed  with the indians, that the opponent can attack b4 and g4.  i did play pretty ugly at times, Ng4? was dumb, i was trying to weaken the castled position, knowing that you would move h3.  But that just wasted a move.  and my Qd7 was horrible, just lost my bishop. it was a well fought game, i was hoping for an endgame meltdown like our last game,  but you came through.

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    Move 47.... Kf8 and I would have been lost. It would have been a queen endgame with you up a pawn. I took so much time because I was actually trying to find a draw. You walked into my checks.... But i can not sit here like I did not make mistakes. I made tons. I could not convert any of my advantages

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    I think the common theme in my games seems to be that I move too quickly at times:(

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    I think that an important aspect shown in the game Bmeck, would be to go into a KIA in a slightly different order. That way your opponent shouldn't achiever such a dominant position with his pawns. If you play a different move order and your opponent tries to stop your KIA or get control with their pawns as shown, you should be able to react and reach a position that favors you. Not that this is necessary, I just think that your giving an advantage to your opponent.

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    actually white went "wrong" with 8 b3, after that it isn't really a KIA anymore.
    white "should" launch with 8 e4, intending like e5 h4 nf1 (reroutes via h2-g4) bf4 sacthings and mate... something like that.

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    I was thinking of d4 instead of d3, just to grab some space in the center. 

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    t_taylor wrote:

    I think the common theme in my games seems to be that I move too quickly at times:(

    This was a sloppy game from the both of us. I was even playing fast. I regret playing the KIA without knowledge of it, I was so uncomfortable

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    i prefer to play d4 after black has played Nc6 (reversed grunfeld).
    here, 5 d4 cxd Nxd e5 Nb3... it's "okay" but i prefer to play d4 after black played Nc6 (like in the grunfeld), then e5 Nxc6 bxc6 c4 and the center is under a lot of pressure

    i actually think that white's best in move 5 here is to play c4 when black isn't too well placed to play a reversed benoni with d4, and 5.. Nc6 cxd cxd d4 is comfortable for white - it transposes to the QGD tarrasch or something when white has good play against the IQP.

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    My problem, one of the many, was turning a blind eye to blacks development. I was way too concerned about getting into the KIA position. I do like the opening though and probably will start studying it along with the KG and Caro kann as Black


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