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Mainline_Novelty vs stubborn_d0nkey : WITH KIBITZERS!!

  • #61

    I'm thinking Nf6, any thoughts?

  • #62

    I'm thinking 5...Bc5 and throw some pressure on the King side.

  • #63

    Bc5 is met by d4.

  • #64

    of course, 5...Bc5? 6.d4 is just a loss of time.

  • #65

    Why not play Bg4?

  • #66

    Personally I prefer Nf6, and when the bishop retreats(otherwise Black gets the bishop pair) play Bg4. Try to gain time by attacking the queen. After Nf6 Bb3 Bg4 Black has already equalized due to his lead in development. 

  • #67

    After Nf6 im expecting 6.Nf3,not a bishop move.

    I dont expect my dark bishop to go past d3 anytime soon,since it could/would be pushed afterwards.

  • #68

    5... Nf6 

  • #69

    This is why 5.Bxd5 has been IMO more accurate than 5.Nf3. Now the Nf6 cuts the retreating options of the queen. I would play 6.Nf3 now.

  • #70

    yeah seems right

  • #71

    Like i said, I'm expecting Nf3 so I'm already considering my options for after it. Qh5 seems best

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    Helltank, 6...Bg4? 7.Nxh4 Bxd1 8.Bxb2 wins a rook for white.

  • #75

    In that case play the natural Qh5. It seems like the best move. 

  • #76

    6. Qh5

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  • #78

    Yes, Nc3 looks plausible!

  • #79

    Nc3 was on of the replies I was mostly looking at

  • #80

    The main alternative would be d4. 


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