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Mainline_Novelty vs stubborn_d0nkey : WITH KIBITZERS!!

  • #101

    activity is king. d4

  • #102

    8.d4. Let's do it.

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    Did I overlook something or did you overlook Bxb7 ? I cant see much past Bxc3,perhaps castling but i can always do that afterward

    Anyways, I think Bb3 might have been better for white. Maybe even the simple a3. Though, like its been mentioned d4 gives more immediate activity so maybe white has some move somewhere

  • #105

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take the knight unless somebody comes up with something else that looks good in, oh..., lets say the next 10 hours. Since bxc3 is pretty much white's only reply I'd like to see suggestions for what to do after that. The two options that look best to me are capturing the bishop and castling. I'm probably leaning towards castling. 8... Bxc3 9. bxc3 O-O 10. Bxf4

    10... Nxd5 11. exd5 Qxd5 is a possibility that I think is likely

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    yeah oops, I overlooked it in calculating, thought the B was still on c8 lol

  • #107

    I think the moves can be simply as written earlier, B x c3 b x c3 then N x d5 e x d5 and Q x d5, he can not take the pawn with the bishop because this will cost him his pawn. see diagram.

  • #108

    My move is Bxc3

  • #109

    9.bc obvs

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    Kg1 looks interesting

  • #112

    So, I'd just like to say, for the lower rated players out there, 10.Bxf4 Nxd5 11.ed Qxd5 12.Bxc7?? is not an option because of 12...Qc4+.

    10.Kg1 actually does look pretty interseting, with the idea of g3...any other thoughts?

  • #113

    nope, I liked it because of g3 and the start of added preasure on the kingside

  • #114

    Wait a minute, was there a reason Black couldn't have played ...c6 last turn?

  • #115

    No, also Bxf4 looks safe

  • #116

    I dont think c6 was a good move. It would make taking the e pawn unpleasant due to the pin to the queen, and anyways what would it accomplish? Getting your bishop out of the way and allowing my bishop to move(no more guarding the b pawn). Yes, that would happen but my bishop wont be guarding that pawn for very long (since you are either going to lose the bishop or move it) but it would also take the c6 spot away from my knight and make my further dvelopment of my pieces more limited (option wise). Also it would cimmit my pawns to the light squares for a while, the same color as my remaining bishop.


    All in all, not a good move.



    BTW I am amazed that I am able to give so much reasoning as to why c6 is a bad move, I never see this stuff in a game, nor did I see all of it when disregarding C's in this game

  • #117

    Sorry for another delay guys : 10.Kg1

  • #118

    No problem about the delay, if you are busy you're busy, I can understand that.

    Kg1 is a move I didn't even consider for white, and I don't think its a good move as well (I'd bet that chess.com's analysis would call it an inaccurate move) ; it will take a while for the rook to get back into play. I thought the king would (first) go to f2 at some point and then maybe to g1.

    As far as my next move is concerned Nxd5 looks natural and I don't see anything better? I think I could also premove Qxd5 if I take the bishop, to speed up the game a bit, since I don't really see another good reply to exd5.

    Any thoughts?

  • #119

    I think I'm just gonna go ahead and play Nxd5, and premove Qxd5 as a reply to exd5



  • #120

    ex Qx Bxf4 looks good, then open up and free your rook


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