Me vs. Expert (USCF Rated)

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    Pretty much went off to college, hadn't played a rated game of chess in 3 months, no theory studying so i forgot it all.  I decided to play a rated game at my club, going into it with the attitude that I would just play the best moves i could find and stay away from super theory.  Also I listened to music the entire time so I could keep myself from being bored.  Here it is.

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    Any comments?

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    You played well but it seems your opponent wasn't up to his usual level of play.

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    Move 12 or 13 is probably necessary as much as I'd just like to 12.0-0

    But taken together this is definitely a mistake.

    Then after abandoning the center he follows up with 15.a4?  I think you're completely winning at that point.  It would have been a disaster to be held to a draw (not that I haven't blow nice positions before!) but you won, good job.

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    I do agree, he said he used to know some theory on it, but didn't remember it from 20 years ago.

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    White was passive. I play 1d5 2Nc3 and can get strong attack. Simply there is plan with O-O-O and trading darksquared Bishop for your Bishop on g7 (simply Qd2 and Bh6 at some moment). Other good move for White is to play Bd3 supporting later on e4. White had no plan. He could not find any weaknes in Black position, so he did not know what to do. If i were Black, i'd tried to launch all-out attack after ...f6 playing h4 and g4 and so on.

    The worst thing i saw in game, was for White to give up Center (trades of pawns). He did it volunteerly, which is mystery, how come 2000+ could do that - maybe he saw himself loosing in every continuation, still...

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    White was playing the Barry attack for those that are wondering. He flubbed it up with 7.Ne5, which is too early in that position. Better instead is 7.h4 (part of the theme of the Barry attack) and let black commit to Nbd7 before following up with Ne5. Also possible is the more restrained and positional 7.h3 followed by 0-0, but this doesn't adhere to the spirit of the Barry attack.

    By the way, the official names of the players:

    Marvin Shumowitz (1999) versus Max S. Ward (1805)

    Event: League 19-20

    Site: Branchburg, New Jersey

    Date: 2012-12-21

    Time Control: G/60 + 10

    Marvin had been very close to NM level in rating many years ago. It would seem he's lost some of his strength of play over time.

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Exactly, but the main thing was that I think i didn't settle for the easy move, but kept looking for the better one.

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