Moon's Immortal

Hey, this is a game I played today and I think it has to be my "immortal" game.. (everyone has an immortal game)
I know it's kind of depressive to have a draw as my immortal but I'll have to live with that until I learn to play better :P
Please tell me what you think
Have in mind that this is a three-minute blitz game :)
Hopefully you can tell me how to win the game
Moon Cool
The top of diagram is wrong, I was white, the FM was black.. I dont know how to fix it :/

I'd be happy to score a draw if my opponent gets his rooks into my Royal Court (2nd rank for white and 7th for Black).


It is tough for you to win but I think you should move ROOK to F3,It is better trying draw then loosing.

My tactic is Rook to F3.


I find the accelerated dragon to be a difficult win no matter what i do. But, i play it anyway because i think it's stylish. Well played!


If you have difficulty with the accelerated dragon, just remember, Maroczy bind! (that means don't play the closed sicilian, play the open sicilian!)


How did you change name moon?


I saw 26...Ng5 instead of ...Rxa2. The if 27.a4 or something else, then 27...Nxh3 28.Rg1 moves 28...Rxg2 wins more material and may even mate. But i think white can still draw by chasing the rook for an exchange.

Seems plausible. What you guys think?


I think Carlsen points out the key error and also offers a good alternative (Ng5);

The reason for this should be more of less obvoius: with the rooks on the board you force white to be rather passive (and should white even attempt to trade then either Rxa2 or Rxg2 will pick up a pawn). In that position I was considering something like h5 (with the idea of h4 and getting a N-outpost at g3).

However, Ng5 looks promising, so lets consider this move in more depth:



and why?


Amazing game ! bravo!!


Just a normal game, as far as I can see. Nothing extraordinary. Well played.