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Moon's Immortal

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    Hey, this is a game I played today and I think it has to be my "immortal" game.. (everyone has an immortal game)
    I know it's kind of depressive to have a draw as my immortal but I'll have to live with that until I learn to play better :P
    Please tell me what you think
    Have in mind that this is a three-minute blitz game :)
    Hopefully you can tell me how to win the game
    Moon Cool
    The top of diagram is wrong, I was white, the FM was black.. I dont know how to fix it :/
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    I'd be happy to score a draw if my opponent gets his rooks into my Royal Court (2nd rank for white and 7th for Black).

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    It is tough for you to win but I think you should move ROOK to F3,It is better trying draw then loosing.

    My tactic is Rook to F3.

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    I find the accelerated dragon to be a difficult win no matter what i do. But, i play it anyway because i think it's stylish. Well played!

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    If you have difficulty with the accelerated dragon, just remember, Maroczy bind! (that means don't play the closed sicilian, play the open sicilian!)

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    How did you change name moon?

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    I saw 26...Ng5 instead of ...Rxa2. The if 27.a4 or something else, then 27...Nxh3 28.Rg1 moves 28...Rxg2 wins more material and may even mate. But i think white can still draw by chasing the rook for an exchange.

    Seems plausible. What you guys think?
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    I think Carlsen points out the key error and also offers a good alternative (Ng5);

    The reason for this should be more of less obvoius: with the rooks on the board you force white to be rather passive (and should white even attempt to trade then either Rxa2 or Rxg2 will pick up a pawn). In that position I was considering something like h5 (with the idea of h4 and getting a N-outpost at g3).

    However, Ng5 looks promising, so lets consider this move in more depth:


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    and why?

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    Amazing game ! bravo!!


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