My game vs GM Nakamura!

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    Nakamura or not, who cares ? Black was obviously a good player, even if he chose a strange opening. Please stop the political debate or the personal attacks, all of you.

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    dude Rohan, you are so lucky that you got to play Nakamura

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    I don't see how an analysis board in a live game couldn't be considered cheating. That way you can play everything out on a board without really having to calculate.

    If that's the case then I think it does take away a lot from this game, but otherwise you put up an extremely good fight -- it took him a long time to grind you out!

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    It is verified and well-known that CapilanoBridge is Hikaru Nakamura's account, DrSpudnik

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    FirebrandX wrote:

    Nakamura has the Canadian flag on it because of his love for Vancouver. He's an extreme left-winger in politics, and threatened several times to leave the USA to play for a different country if Obama did not win the election. He recently tweeted a cheer for joy at the Supreme Court decision over Obamacare.

    I myself do not share his political views, so I try to put them out of my mind when I root for him in his OTB games.


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