Analysis: 1st game - Najdorf, Opocensky (with 6...Nc6)


The game was SUU - it stands for "Super Ultra Unrated" - played just for fun. It was also an eye-to-eye game.

If you find better lines wherever in the game, just share it with us.

P.S.: Look at the post #11! Laughing


Recommendations or comments appreciated for both sides.


Novelty was probably on 8.f3, but even 6...Nc6 in Opocensky is not usual.


What about 30...Ra5?!


Yup, it works too.


8.f3 is the novelty according to my database. 

Very good game by both sides except that blunder at move 15. 


Which database do you use? I played black and (stupidly) blundered. Sorry Jan. Laughing

Daeru, just one more question. Can you say where's novelty in THIS game? Smile


Much as I hate to question a 2100 rated player, even if white could not have played 16. Nd5, why would you capture 15. ...gxf6 when you could do it with the bishop and not double up the pawns?


Because he was afraid to lose d6 pawn and overlooked Nd5. If 15...Bxf6 I can play 16. Rxd6 and win a pawn. But when we Bxf6 analysed with computer, Rxd6 doesn't give black any big advantage (evaluation is around 0,2 for white).

And You shouldn't hate to ask questions to 2100 rated player. He's not that good :).


So, soon Ardweaden (Jan) or me (Miha) will post "upgraded" version of my first post. If you can find some interesting lines or just a move which creates strong continuation e.g. bishop pair or something putting more pressure etc., post it! :)

We'll be glad. :D



OK, here's final analysis :)


What do you mean? :)


What do I mean? Awesome kibitzes! Hope you'll do it to 3 remaining games too!


Kaj so pa ti rejtingi, Kovač?


was it newardweaden - msc?


Haha, nimam pojma! Bodi zadovoljen! Laughing

Indeed, skotheim!


8f3 novelty doesn't do much, if black ever played ng4, white would play bxN, and black would lose a lot of tempo's. Black didn't really play the opening like a Nadjorf, i.e early e5, then nd7-c5, and b5-b4 would pressure on e4. Bd7 wasn't very active, and didn't like e5. After the previous moves it made more sense to play g6, or e6. It was more active not to play NXN. After Qb6, you were worried about QXQ BXQ attacking c7, and d8. Think the bishop would be "attacking" thin air and after bc6 and nd7, white wouldn't have much. The main purpose of Bb6 would be preventing minority attack, b5-b4. I thought Bc6 was better than 0.0, so that could play BXN if Nd5. White would still have some advatage no real compensation for d6, and weak d5 square, because of rather passive play by black. After 0.0 don't think black has enough compensation for pawn after BXf6, better than game of course. In the game continuation white should slowly win because black has no compensation for exchange, and has the game went bishop was a passive peice. So don't think black put up best defense, but likely there wasn't one anyway.