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Playing computer moves

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    Hey chesscommunity,

    After this game my opponent accused me of cheating (which is really unpleasant for me to hear). 

    The question is what can I do about his nasty commentaries on my wall.

    Should I just delete them or post something is reply ?

    Here I quote them 

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    Computer would never blunder like you did on 18th move (22nd move looks natural but it's also bad - very humanlike). :D

    He's just a sour loser, he had a won endgame and lost it.

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    yeah i don't think an engine would miss 45. Nxf4

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    Moyuba wrote:

    yeah i don't think an engine would miss 45. Nxf4

    Lol, I missed it. xD

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    Worst engine ever! Missed 45. Nxf4 and 51.Nc4+

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    Yep, looks like I am not that strong engine:)

    The question is what I should do with his commentaries?

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    Your opponent was disappointed because he essentially owned you for most of the game but you didn't collapse, quite like an engine. Take it as a compliment.


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