Queens gambit


i have been recently trying the queens gambit as black because it seems like a pretty easy straight forward opening where i am very active it usually gives me some pretty good results win or lose but if someone could look at my game and see what i could do better it would be great thanks!


On move 25 instead of g2, Bh6+ would win a rook and give you a good attack. It is also a good idea to not trade queens (and other pieces) when your opponent's king is open and/or you are attacking (except when you are sacking to expose their king.


20. Rh6 why didn't you take it with the bishop ? it was free


Your move 21 seems fine to me, but after that you miss a few good oppurtunities:

Checking by 22: -,Rf6 would give you the rook at h6 for free.

Or, after capturing the knight at 22 you can just make 23:-,Bxh6.

After any of these you are a rook ahead and should be able to do fine.


That's not a QGD. QGD is a white opening starting 1. d4 d5 2. c4. I don't know what that is (reverse QGD?) but it's not much good - your d5 pawn was hanging on moves 5 and 6, and your e5 pawn was hanging on move 8 - either could have been taken for nothing.

By all means play the QGD as white, but it's not a black opening.


Oh thanks madhacker i didnt know that lol thanks can you suggest a opening for me i have a book on the two knights defence


Two knights is ok if you want to study it. But maybe take a look at the Tarrasch Defense (1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 c5), this seems to be roughly the sort of centre-attacking opening you are looking for.


thank you do you have a site were i can find some lines for that?


Just google it or search this site for it, that's bound to give you enough to get you started.

I don't play this opening myself so I can't be of much help sorry.


1. This is not a queen's gambit. White's pawn stayed on c2.

2. For starters, you should care reading the elementary things, not openings: You have blundered a juicy central pawn as early as move 4 (4...e5? 5.Q/Nxd5- which was not played, for some odd reason). Openings study is for players that understand how the pieces are moving.


Thank you IM much appreciated i highly regard your opinion always have!