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Rook Endgame - Any win?

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    Well my idea was to play 40...Kf6 but as in the annotations I thought I'd be able to achieve that with tempo.

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    That doesn't change the fact that if you play 40...Kf6 right away, then he doesn't have f4 or Kh4 unlike 41...Kf6.

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    Like I said, I expected the rook check, in which case she doesn't have f4 or Kh4 anyway.

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    And what about 41. ... Rd2? That is more or less equivalent with Rb2, but has the advantage that the rook is supported by the king and a pawn. That forces the win of the pawn on the a-rank or the exchange of the rooks. Unless off course white decides to back his a-pawn from the a-rank.

    But then can black start playing his center pawns.


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    This woodpusher sees a possibility to really complicate whites game, maybe winning.  41. ..Rxf2 sticks out in my mind..as a good opportunity to take more control.


    The plan and ideas I see here are.

    1. Your e pawn is now a passed pawn with support of a connected pawn, whites is just a rook pawn

    2. If there were no rooks on the board... Your king and kingside pawns shall promote the e-pawn.

    3. The white king for now is fenced in by the rook by two files

    4. Extra pawns on the kingside, bonus

    5. If white takes your a pawn toss your rook back to the a file and now white is the proud owner of a peice of wood that looks like a rook, now purely a defensive peice.

    6. Two conencted pawns on the sixth rank cannot be stopped by a rook, king or both. 

    I think that move gets black going in the winning direction.


    My .02


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