Sicilian Crushing

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    3...f6 made me cringe. Opening your kingside is asking for trouble and left your e pawn weak. Fortunately, this wasn't an issue. I think 3.. d5 would have been good. Later, your 5 ..d5 was a good move. So was 6... Bd7.  

    8 Qe2 wasn't bad because the queen was in front of the king. It was bad because it blocked the bishop's retreat if you had played 9.. c4 .

    9.. e5 wasn't ?? bad, since it provoked him to move his bishop back to b5 but 9..c4 would have won his bishop.  10.. e4 also made sense since it got him to retreat his knight and left you with a winning attack. It was game over after 11.. Bxh2+

    I think you are a little too free with your ?? marks. Good game.

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    pfren wrote

    14.Rh1 is mate in three moves (you can take that as an exercise).

     ... and then he could submit it to the daily puzzle guy. :)

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    1. Fine moves

    2. Bc4 is rare, but e6 seemed nice

    3. e5 and f6 both stink

    4. He probably should have not taken

    5. d5 is a great move, there is no threat

    6. Bb5 is best, but not advantageous for white. YOU ARE WINNING! BTW, Bd7 was a great move

    7. You are right, Bd3 was sort of dumb. c5 won the bishop

    8. Qe2 is a fine move, there is no reason not to put his queen there

    9. What is wrong with e5?! It pushes forwards and gains space.

    10. Who cares? The bishop isn't hurting you! 

    11. Ne1 is fine, albeit ugly. Bxd7 meets Qxe7 and you've got the same problem all over again. Nice bishop capture

    12. Good

    13....Qc7+! was winning faster

    14. The rest is fine.

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