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someone want to play a blindfold forum game

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    does anyone want to play one. if they do accept my first move is


    1. e4

    note please put moves in red that way we can see the actual move.

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    I was going to play full blindfold

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    cool with that, means its your turn

  • #4

    this one

  • #5

    I wasn't going to play KG

  • #6

    Confuse your opponent and play something really sharp. I'll kibitz on this one.

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    Play a good Najdorf.

  • #9

    essentialy dragon with a6 instead of g6...

    I was thinking Nf3 against e5.

  • #10

    Nf3! Hope for an italian game.

  • #11

    2. Nf3

    chessblood you blew my cover.

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    Here comes my favorite!

  • #14


    Italian is a good opening, I need to practice non KG structures to.

  • #15

    3...Bc5 is aways a logical way to answer 3...Nf6 leads to more aggressive stuff 

  • #16

    4. b4

    it worked well for Anderssen, and Kaspy, plus it is always fun to play a gambit.

  • #17

    more like you knew I would


  • #18

    here the simple 0-0 looks good, I think I will play that first

    6. 0-0

  • #19

    7. Qe2

    Bet this is new, what would be funny is if durring a game, someone used all the moves of his b knight to complete the knigh'ts tour

  • #20

    I would like to skip the first one for me, you can set it up on the analysis board if you like, I want to practice visualizing the position.


    after some evaluation, I would like to get some development issues gone, and maybe even play for a d4 push

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