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    These are all long time control games that I played on ICC. I analyze them and put them into my database but I thought it would maybe help me and other people if I put it here for discussion. My nickname there is MentalTorment, feel free to add me.

    I won't put earlier ones but here are some of the better games from today with my analysis. 

    The first one is a draw that I was glad to achieve against a higher rated opponent in a tournament. Time control was 20|0

    The second one became a tactical game where I had to defend very carefully from a rather boring equal opening. It is also my only loss in the tournament but I didn't lose because of my bad defence. It was because I lost too much time finding the right defensive resources and had time trouble in the endgame. Time control was again 20|0

    The last one is from the simul game against an FM from Argentina. He was playing 12 games at the same time. The time control was 45|45 but he barely used any time in his moves. It was kinda disappointing for me.

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    Nice games, especially the 2nd one. It's a pity you lost this one because it was very interesting to go through. 1/1/1 :)

    In 2nd game, is it possible to continue pawn-march? 39.d5!? or 41.e6!?

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    39.d5 followed by 40.d6 is actually winning the race. But 41.e6!? isn't so good since next move I can't play 42.e7

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    Today started with a wild sicilian.

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    Here is another interesting one I just played.


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    I like the last one. At first I thought you had problems with e4-pawn, but seems quite confidental play :)

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