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    Hey all, I'm stuck and not sure what to do next because the computer is being a punk. Here is my current game vs LCP...

    I was thinking Qc3 [edit Qb3 I meant] but I really don't know hahaTongue out

    I'm just interested to see what you think and if there is a straight foward move maybe?!


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    do you think the computer will compain about you using people the way people complain about people using computers? 

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    If you don't want to help buzz off man.

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    Qb3 looks okay. How about Qd2 so the rook can come to c1...?

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    sorry, i just like irony.  also, my initial thought was Nxd6.  so, you probably don't want my help anyway since that would drop the bishop. 

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    Na it's cool. I went Qd2 then he went Bxe4. Thanks and I will post the finished game soon.

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