Sudden mate


This game (part of the 19th tournament 1000-1200 category, round 2, group 15) ended in a sudden forced mate that was, I'll admit, not meticulously planned at all. I only saw it a few moves in advance.


Anothe whole point for me!


He could have let you mate rather than resign before a mate in 1!

Shocking opening up his kingside like that with his king stuck in the middle. Could have traded queens to relieve the pressure too at 13. Or at least gave up his bishop to prevent mate in 2, although it was quite hopeless by then!


Good game, wonder why the opponent decided to bring his king out so far? I think 4..c5 might have been better for black, preventing the pawn chain from being formed.


If Black plays 22...axb5, 23. axb5# is a sad pawn mate for Black.


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