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This is what I call a "lucky win".

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    Here's a game I played. I was very lazy, because I thought I was good. My conclusion: I have more to learn, a hell of a lot.
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    Or maybe I shouldn't label it "lucky", but "blundering with a purpose, the purpose being to make him overconfident"? Yeah right.

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    Or "making the good move when it counts".

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    Yes, I think your post #3 is it. Despite your mistakes, the most important thing in this game (e7+) you saw, and he didn't.

  • #5

    I wouldn't have resigned.

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    Actually, it looks like black can at least try 20...Be6, connecting his rooks and so preventing immediate mate. In fact I'm not quite sure what happens there, but it's definitely a good try.

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    As Elubas said, 20...Be6 21. Bxe6+ Kh8 22. exf8=R+ Rxf8 and you're amazingly a piece up, but with a wreck of a position. 23. Rf1 or something might defend... 23...Rd8+ 24. Nd4, and it's hard to judge.

    You spotted most of your blunders quite accurately. Just one improvement to suggest: 10. 0-0 then Ng3 or f3 seems safe enough, rather than 10. g3 weakening the kingside dark squares.

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    I call all my wins lucky, and all my loses and draws unlucky.

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    "Chess is won by making the second-to-last mistake." - Larry Evans

    (or something like that)

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    FancyKnight wrote:

    I wouldn't have resigned.

    Youre right, Be6 and it isnt mate cos he cant get a queen cos the second rook on the last line. Good seen

  • #11

    5. Qd2??

    In a real fight Queen vs Bishop, maybe the queen will win. In chess, this move tied up your queen to a bishop.

  • #12

    Considering all the moves here. Whoever won this game should be consider very lucky,

    But I think Black was the luckier.

    10. g3?? why?


  • #13

    If you mean 9. f3, then 9...Qh4+ 10. g3 Nxg3, or 10. Ke2 Nf2.


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