unable to convert to a win, help!?

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    this is a game where i felt i had the edge the entire game but couldn't convert to a win (ended up drawing) any advice on the game??? i was white

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    Here are a few things I noticed:
    You missed 26.Rxb4 and 27.Rxb4, both of which win the knight for free. Do more tactics training and you won't miss the chance for free pieces like this.
    30.Qd1 would have saved the pawn due to the mating threat that prevents ...Rxa6. Don't be so ready to give up a pawn before deciding if you can save it, especially such a valuable pawn as an advanced outside passed pawn like this one.
    34.Bf7 gives away most of your advantage. When you're ahead in a position like that, you should spend extra effort looking for all threats your opponent has. It only takes one bad move to turn a win to a draw or loss, and you have more to lose when you're in a winning position like that. In that position, he could have played 34...Qf4+, and you either give him a draw by repetition by moving the king back (then he checks on the first rank and repeats) or you play 35.Qg3, and he wins the e-pawn, which is your main advantage.
    Lastly, after Black's 44th move, you had two clear winning strategies. First, there's 45.Qe8+ and then trading off the queens and advancing the king, then exchanging off the two pawns and reaching a won K+P endgame. If you didn't know that though, 45.g6 should have looked better than the move you played, forcing his queen back to g8 with his king trapped in the corner and your pawn structure still intact. Instead, you captured on h6, leaving yourself with doubled isolated pawns then exchanged down into a drawn endgame. It would be helpful for you to study the basics of king+pawn endgames. In general, when you have the advantage as you did, you shouldn't trade down to a pawn endgame unless you're sure it's winning.
    I would recommend you play slow games too (like 45 45), if you don't already. It will do wonders for your ability to calculate and see tactics if in addition to your tactics training you play slow games and use your time well to think carefully about every move and to push your limits in terms of how far you can visualize and calculate.
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    Perhaps taking the hanging knight on move 26 or 27....or am i missing something?

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    ah yes i missed that hanging knight! silly me! thanks for all that advice sapientdust i appreciate that it's been really helpful

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    The hardest part of chess is winning a won game.Frank Marshall

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    He having knight was screaming to be killed off. And you right, the endgame is a dead draw.

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    yeah i did make a lot of silly moves in this game haha

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    crag9 wrote:

    move 19. Ne7 is uneccessary. You are trading a very strong N for a very trapped and terribky weak B

    An idea that looks good there is 19 e5 (19... fe 20 Bxe5).

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    12.Bxc5 (12...dxc5 13.Bf7+)

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    wow i did have a lot of good moves i didn't play huh :)

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    sapiendust: brilliant analysis. i learned a lot just going through the game and reading your comments. 

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