Videos of member's best games.

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    My game is MemberBestGames008. I thought because I won the game I would not need to look it over. The saying I have always heard is ‘You always learn more from games you have lost’. That maybe so but going over your won games helps just as much if not more.  Although I was victorious in this game there were many inaccuracies. Bill Richards a National Master was instrumental in helping with the analysis in developing more accurate move orders. Tearing my games apart will be a crucial part in my goal of mastery of the game. The best way to do this going over your own games in detail just as Bill has done. This video is one of the first steps to my mastery of the game. When I analyze my own games I see MY mistakes and can make appropriate improvements. Thank you Bill!!

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    After getting behind I managed to squeak one out

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