What a Win!

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    Well done. You were lost around move 35 but he misplayed the ending.

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    @notmtwain, ya i just had worse pawn structure. I played well I believe until I gave him pawn captures that left me with islands. Would you agree?

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    I do think you played well. I thought you were going to have a lot of trouble because of your delayed development but you survived.

    Still, there you were after he played 35 Ke4 and things were looking grim. On the other hand, it definitely wasn't easy and I'm sure I would have misplayed it as white too. I feel like there is a strong advantage but I'm not quite sure how to go ahead.

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    After 4...0-0, much better for White is 5.e5 It forces 5...Ne8 otherwise the Knight is lost.  After that White must be able to exploit the space advantage that Black has granted White.

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    I love KID, so I was just about to say what transpo said. Always remember when your opponent play e4, you reply immediately with ...d6. Always remember that, or you will lose your games against better-prepared opponents. Hell, I'm writing this paragraph after seeing 4...0-0. It's that bad.

    I've always wondered why ...d6 can't be met anymore with e5 before, so in the past, I just did a little analysis:


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    Looking again, I saw you're not playing KID, but your play and White's play has been KID. Unfortunately, I don't know how to transpose what you just played into the Modern Defence. Someone else may, or might know how to make it into...

    You played well at the ending...thought you lost it. Well done.

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    I did this in a previous game and my friend commented that c6 is fine. Check it out.

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    I mean yes, d6 is standard. But I kept getting bored with playing something expected.

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    Thank you for showing that link. I always liked the look of the position of the Modern Defence, but never actually knew how to get there. Yes, after e5 Ne8, Black gets a nice, "modern" position after d6.

    In fact, I tried it on the board, with White trying to hang on his "strong" centre - which is failing miserably. Here's the one-man game:

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    53. Ke1??? was a huge blunder. Joe would have had a level game had he played Kf1.

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