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What's this checkmate called?

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    I did not mean something simple like Smothered Mate; I think there's a name for this and I just don't know it.
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    looks like a smothered to me.

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    Petrosian called it "Oops!", in 1962.

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    looks kind of like the blackburne (i believe thats what its called) gambit

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    where did you get my last game as white?

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    Wow. This looks pretty clever especially for a blitz game.

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    You're not thinking of Phildor are you? Thats the only thing that springs to mind with smotherd mate. Either way good game and great mate.

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    Yeah, it looks like the schematic of the Blackburne Shilling Gambit to me. Supposedly Blackburne offered games to amateurs, at stakes of a Shilling, and would proceed to win by this wily if dubious Gambit. This is just chess legend, and I doubt if it is true.

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    It's very similar to the Costage Trap.



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    Yes, definitely Blackburne pattern, did you aim for it or it just happened ?




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