Why Chessbase and Fritz are not bundled together as 1 software

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    Does anyone know why;  Chessbase and Fritz are not bundled together as 1 software with all features?  

    For instance,
    1.  uploading a database of your games,
    2.  keying it,
    3.  Sort it according to games lost as white playing ('insert desired position') 
    4.  then use Rybka to analyse several of those games in human language.

    5.  rifle through the tactics missed with the 'tactics' tab or training feature.  (is there a video on this? fritz is capable)
    6.  rifle through the positional blunders.  or look at themes. etc.

    These 5 steps require monotonous copy/paste and program switching.  

    I know there is a feature to 'pass this database to Fritz' in chessbase. But why the need for this?  Just put the Training features in Chessbase.  Also you cannot do much in Fritz database wize without Keys from Chessbase and MegaDatabase.   
    Note:  Fritz will save game analysis, although; not sure if this info also shows in chessbase without copy paste?  

    Another improvement would be a note in Fritz in the 'database tab' highlighting that a Chessbase is needed to use this feature.    And; an Icon on the ribbon of chessbase for a one click 'pass to fritz and install key'  or 'pass to fritz and analyse game'.   

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    My guess is that the percentage of people who need to use Chessbase with it's Megabase is much smaller than that of Fritz users. There is a greater demand for engines, and they need to be less expensive as there is much competition. On the other hand, databases are not all that common, so the price is relatively high. So from a marketing/sales perspective it does make sense to keep them as two separate products.

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    nice question and the answer is MONEY ALONE.there are tons of databases and free it is not a problem.it is not related with databese size or engines.it is money related.did you ever think chessbase did not have even analyze option like blunder check it is not that hard to add a little code to software for that.but no money money money.

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    There's a fritz engine within chessbase, isn't there? Mine has one - default kibitzer button in Chessbase 10 loads a Fritz 5.32 engine.

    And I think you can add any other engine you have in (e.g. Houdini). I've never needed to buy Fritz as a standalone - additional engine power just isn't relevant for me.

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    Fritz can directly access the Chessbase data bases (and vice-versa) so there is no need to cut and paste.  Also Chessbase does come with a Fritz engine (although not the latest).

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    Zombie thread.

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    of course chessbase has engine, we are not dicussing that ,i am saying chessbase does not have even blunder check like analyze FULL GAME not only one position,"they can merge two software in one" but they do not do it because of money alone

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    I used both SCID and the fritz/chessbase combo.  

    I forgot what a pain it can be having to "pass this game to Fritz"  from chessbase for analysis.    not only do you need to have 2 resources open you have to switch windows and remember where everything is

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