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Wonder what went wrong

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    Hi all

    my first post here so be gentle :-)

    I know i play a very basic chess and i know i could exploit

    his bishop but wanted to be more careful but i wonder what did i do wrong here in the game and how should one defend the castle better.

    oh - i played black



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    Your Endgame was poor.

    Let's look from 22. ... Rh8. It's wrong move. You should take c-file, doubled your rooks there, so Rc6 was good (but other moves on this file could be good too). Then 23. ... Qe7, what is the point in that move? And rest is consequence. But still, there were better moves than Kh7.

    Think about improving Endgame.

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    thank you very much , some followup questions.

    ok so i probably didn't need to take his knight cause the queen got into the scene , i still wonder how you defend your castle if the two rooks are on the other side ,this is why i thought i'd bring one over and maybe attack from there.

    should i not move my kings pawns , since there were no materials in this side he just took the pawns with possible checks.

     doubling the rooks never occured to me as i was too busy thinking how the hell i defend king side

    thanks again

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    17...g6? why not try 17...g5 trapping the bishop at h4.

    26...Rab8? I think it would be better to play 26...Rac8 And Black has open file.

    I think it would be better for you to practice more at tactics so you can use it as a positional tool for advantage.

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    "Best defence is ofence"


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    Best defence is offense if we know how to counterplay the position. Because it's too hard to defend than to attack.

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    Unless if you love to defend.

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    guys thanks for the feedbacks

    about not capturing his bishop - i always hear dont weaken your king side so i didn't think when it was actual later came up with the horrible trade.

    i dont like to defend but i practicing the french now and i think this really quickly put you in defence if things dont go your way like main lines.

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    French defense is a solid defense for Black, and easily to understand. About 17...g6? I think it would better to capture the bishop even though it weakens your kingside, because in endgame position a king must be active so you don't need to worry about your exposed king. Just an advice. :)

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    Black was doing very well positionally, until around move 21! See annotations:

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    NachtWulf wrote:

    Black was doing very well positionally, until around move 21! See annotations:


    Thank you very much for the insights .



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