World championship in chess is totally farce


World championship in chess is totally farce because organizers refused to arrange real competition by involving all top players. Russia, India and Israel arranged a world champ gimmick even last year to declare Spaniard Aando the WC. In all tournaments Carlson and others top.

World champion means he has beaten all other  sports persons in the field. But Anad was aked to face a weal Israeli and play to retain his title  becasue the weak opponenbt could not defeat him but  opted for a draw.  Is it championship?   

Carlsen is an extraordianry ches spalyer and so he won  in a big way. Congratualtions  on him. Carlsen  needs to change the rules of champinship  t for direct competions. 


Methodology used for World championship in chess is totally farce


I like the tournament format used in sports. That way the two players that played the best that year get to the championship instead of giving the current champion a free lunch.


I thought Anand is Wc, what did i miss?


I'm pretty sure it's just a typo.


USA football metholodoly for world Chess championship  Let all top players compete in several rounds.  Now it sounds like a family affair. 


i did think Gelfand in the WCC match was a bit funny alright!  lol

but that's just the way the whole thing was going anyway Embarassed


The first and most important requirement of claiming World Championship title is to WANT IT. Carlsen did not want the title that year, so the task had fallen into the hands of Gelfand. I also agree that it was a bit early for Carlsen, you see, all champions gain their titles at their peak performances, and Carlsen is not yet at his peak. Also, Anand is still a very capable GM, and it is not wise to question such superpowers! Cool


I still believe in a match for the WCH and candidates matches as were played back in 1965-1985. My main problem with the current system is the rinky-dink # of games in a match for the CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD, I think 24 (from 1951-1981) is a much better # than a crappy ten games as played in the last WCH (oh sorry, I forgot about the extra blitz games used to actually determine the current WORLD CHESS CHAMPION - my badFrown)


true Reti, Carlsen hasn't yet surpassed 2900.


it seems to me that you just don't have any idea how they choose who is going to playing in the WCC title match. carlsen dropped out, gelfand won the tournament, ahead of kramnik, aronian etc.


this year it seems pretty likely that carlsen will indeed win the candidates tournament and get his shot at the title, unless he drops out at the last minute.


i don't really see what you have a problem with, or what system you would rather see in place.


i thought he saw clearly


Last year, it looks Gelfand  was chosen by the paleyrs for the finals with anando only to lose. Carlsen was not too keen to be teh champ of 2012 and made it only this year.

Carlsen shuold have  taken last year's challnger a bitseriously. 


Um... what r u talking about?