1836 vs 1562, Need analyzing. Good game : )

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    Hey i just played this game a little while ago, and i thought id post it up so i can hear some input. Let me know where i made my mistakes so i can improve my play. Thanks alot and hopefully you enjoy the game. Keep in mind the game was only 1 0 so things were moving quickly and we were both making mistakes in one way or another. Well, hope you enjoy and feel free to give me any input on the game. 



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    I'm gonna go through the moves and put down whatever strikes me. Not sure what you're looking for though =)

    9.b6? gives up initiative to Bb5 Bd7 Qa5 e5 or 0-0 was better

    10. Bxe4 can't exactly agree with him giving you most of the control lol

    why did you never do Nd3 check? took a major space in his territory, and he couldn't castle so the open f file was potentially useful if Kf1.

    wow. you have your head screwed on tight for a 1 min player, lol. that's rare. nice game =) just slight style disagreeances from an initial look I suppose

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