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4 moves and 4 queens taken

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    Here is an interesting Online Chess game I just finished. At move 23 I saw a sequence of moves which was likely to be played if my Opponent plays the most natural move at some point (blocking my pawn). I was a bit lucky, but the combo was really great. 4 moves and 4 queens taken! After that it was not that easy to win though. Enjoy!

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    Looks like a really fun game :)

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    wow, that was a terrific game! :-)

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    30. Rxb1 d1=Q+31. Rxd1 b1=Q 32. Rxb1Rxb1+ 33. Qg1 Rxg1+

    Wot an amazing sequence!!! (as good as your coding:)Tongue outLaughing

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    I think 59. Kd3 draws.

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    Excuse me, 60. Kd3 draws... I think.

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     Great combination, but I think crashfreze is right!

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    Thanks crashfreze! Yes, I should have played 58...g4! to win.

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    Wow, what a game! You had such a dominant position on the queenside that those kind of chances naturally arise, but spotting it is another matter. I wonder, would you have gone for it OTB?

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    Great Game!

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    Very nice game. Nalimov Tables confirm that 60.Kd3 draws. What was the plan after 45.d5+?

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    45.d5+ Kc5. Then if 46.de Ne7, or 46.d6 Nf8.

    Generally two pawns cannot compensate for a Knight.

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    I love how effective you queenside plan turned out to be. By move 17, your bishops both hold awesome squares.

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    Maybe so, but I find this position very interesting.

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